How to play casino profitably

Currently, the online casino is experiencing a burst of popularity. Someone turns slots for candy wrappers, someone for real money. The thirst for money and excitement does not leave the player and makes you return to the casino again and again. Can I play a plus and regard the casino as the main source of earnings? This question is very difficult to answer, but if you approach the game with the mind, then you can still play in the plus. To do this, you need to know the basic principles of the casino, which we will analyze today.

Each online slot has a certain percentage of the return, this is called a payout. Usually it is 95-98%. This means that for every 100 lost, the casino must return 95- 98. Accordingly, we can assume that if the slot has taken a large amount, then sooner or later it will return it. Online casinos often place such slots in the list of “hot” or “warmed up”. Believe them or not, it’s impossible to answer and better based on your feelings of favor slot in your address. If you see that the slot only picks up, change it urgently. Before the game, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the help desk or on the site.

In addition to payout, you need to know the dispersion of the slot you are going to play. All slots are divided into three parts. Slots with high, medium, and low dispersion.

Low-variance games will give out a winning combination for almost every back, but in most cases the win amount will be less than the bet amount. In slots with such a variance, it is extremely difficult to get a large win, because the multiplication rate is extremely small. However, such slots as none are better suited for wagering bonuses, because even with a generally unfortunate session, your balance will remain approximately at the same level and you will easily beat the necessary wager.

Slots with medium variance are the golden mean. Winning combinations in them will be less, but also the winning ratio is much higher. Such slots are chosen by the majority of players who, in addition to winning, come to the casino and for the game process itself. They are safer than high-dispersion slots and can become more profitable than low-dispersion slots.

Finally, the flagships of all high rollers are high dispersion slots. Here you will rejoice at each winning combination, because there will not be so many. But if, as the players express themselves, “pour”, then “pour” as it should. Such slots are often chosen by streamers, which play at large rates. Large drifts lead to an audience and look very spectacular and spectacular. You need to have iron nerves, because you will not have one minus session before you win something in such machines.

First of all, decide what you are after entering the casino. Then, based on our advice, find the right game for you. Be sure to choose only a proven casino.